Take the control

Flight Information

All flight and performance data accessible at a glance.

Long range HD video transmission

Up to 2km, with latency less than 110ms.

Dual screen

Remote controller for the video and camera control. Smartphone for flight information, GPS position and automatic missions.

Data security

Data encrypted AES 256.
No data access and transfer.

Easy to use

Intuitive flight interface for simplified drone flying.

Automatic missions

Dedicated and intuitive control application for programming automatic missions.


Our DV Control application is designed to provide control and support to pilot and create various types of autonomous missions for industries such as Agriculture, Surveillance, Construction, Inspection.


  • Remote controller for the drone and camera control, and video signal
  • Smartphone application: flight information, GPS position and flight missions.
  • Simplified mission planning: waypoints and photogrammetry


  • No data transfer or record
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Live data feedback on screen
  • Manual and auto checks

Flight Modes

  • Waypoints
  • Survey – Photogrammetry missions
  • Rally points
  • Follow modes
  • Tap to fly


  • All the flight data are stored.


Discover in detail our integrated drone control system

DV Control App



Place waypoints to define the drone’s flight path, by defining the actions to be performed on these points (photo / video capture, rotation, nacelle tilt).


3D models of buildings or land, and georeferenced orthoplans can be done thanks to the pictures taken during the acquisition phase. You can define flight paths and setting of altitude, speed, camera view angle and overlap.


For long missions, add some rally points to change the drone’s battery or retrieve it without having to return to the take-off point.


Validate the necessary procedures before launching your mission to guarantee maximum safety.


Whether you are developing your business or starting a new one, our training team would be thrilled to give you pilot training in our DRONE VOLT ACADEMY.
  • Success rate for the remote pilot certificate
  • 1200 drone pilots trained in our training centers
  • 10 training centers worldwide
  • Nice and well-equipped training rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor training centers

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