AI applications for UAVs

Artificial intelligence based drone market is vast and DRONE VOLT can give the opportunity to your idea to become true. At DRONE VOLT we propose end-to-end solutions based on artificial intelligence and drones.
Based on our experience in computer vision and deep learning, we can propose the solution that adapts our client needs and meet his objective, according to three axes that explain our capabilities: embedded, ground station based and cloud solutions.
Artificial intelligence gives machines the ability to interact in an intelligent way. This is why the fusion between drones and artificial intelligence represents the response to many needs in aerial imagery and provides new headlines in the future of aerial technology for different sectors like Energy, Construction, Security, Agriculture. Thanks to its expertise in artificial intelligence, DRONE VOLT offers solutions based on drone, computer vision and neural networks, like: 
  • Object detection, counting, segmentation and tracking
  • Person or animal detection and tracking
  • Crowd counting
  • Thermal detection
  • Check compliance of the use of face masks in public spaces and in professional places
  • Detection of the use of protective equipment (glasses and helmets)
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • License plate reading
  • Crack damage detection on surfaces

Face Mask Detection

Check compliance of the use of face masks in public spaces and in professional places, on an existing networks of IP cameras.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Quickly detect the start of a fire or suspect smoke in a public or industrial place.

Embedded solutions

Today our drones can operate at a high level of autonomy using an intelligent camera with an integrated NVIDIA graphics card that enable advanced AI applications at the Edge. An optimal solution we propose for applications that need a real time response.

Station based solutions

Based on the objective and the working environment, DRONE VOLT offers two solutions to run AI-based applications on the ground station during or after the flight:
  • Online: real-time video processing.
  • Offline: post flight video processing. 

Cloud based solutions

With the high capacity of our GPU servers, DRONE VOLT offers new lines for the cloud based AI applications. This solution gives our clients the ability to process their data remotely on our servers.