DRONE VOLT Expert offers spraying missions
for cleaning or de-icing.

Aerial operator specialising in overhead drone spraying

Cleaning by a spraying drone, a reliable and cost-effective technique.

Discover our aerial drone spraying service, an innovative solution for cleaning and de-icing structures at height.

Using our drones equipped with precise spraying systems we intervene to effectively clean roofs, facades, solar panels and wind turbines. What’s more, our drones are capable of safely de-icing power lines and wind turbines, helping to maintain the reliability and safety of your infrastructure.

Talk to us about your cleaning and de-icing needs for fast, safe and effective results.

Cleaning facades and roofs

Low-pressure spraying by drone

Thanks to our range of spraying drones, our pilots can accurately spray liquid products for surface, roof and façade treatment.

The drone offers a new treatment solution for a wide range of applications, while guaranteeing the safety of your personnel.

Cleaning infrastructures, façades and roofs

High-pressure cleaning by drone

Our pilots use our Hercules 20 High-Dra high-pressure cleaning system, which offers unrivalled cleaning performance.

With a maximum pressure of 250 bar, this powerful system is capable of tackling the most stubborn dirt, residues and stains on high-rise infrastructures (wind turbines, cranes, buildings, bridges, etc).

The high-pressure system is equipped with a pressure adjustment function that enables the flow rate to be adapted to different cleaning tasks, while avoiding damage to delicate surfaces or building roofs.

Infrastructure de-icing by drone

High-pressure spraying (pylons, power lines, wind turbines, etc.)

Our pilots can use our high-pressure spraying drone to de-ice high-rise infrastructures (cranes, wind turbines, power lines, pylons, aerials).

Equipe Drone Volt Expert, activité dédiée à la prestation de service par drone en France.

A team of experts at your service

As France’s leading professional drone manufacturer, the DRONE VOLT teams are fully conversant with the very latest drone and sensor technologies. The service includes drones, appropriate equipment, experienced pilot(s) and flight permits. Depending on the type of mission, our DRONE VOLT EXPERT department is equipped with processing and analysis software.

Our aerial services offer you the assurance of a quality service, expert advice including the study of your project, with execution as quickly as possible and in complete safety.

  • International presence
  • Reactivity thanks to our national and European network
  • Quick to implement
  • experienced drone pilots
  • International presence
  • Reactivity thanks to our national and European network
  • Quick to implement
  • experienced drone pilots

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