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Professional UAV design

DRONE VOLT is an engineering office specializing in the design of custom-made professional UAV solutions that supports you throughout all stages of your project, from the conceptual design of the drone to its manufacture. DRONE VOLT supports you in the development of your projects by bringing you its know-how and expertise in the field of drone.
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    Feasability studies

    Requirement specifications: Formalization of your needs and drafting of your specifications.

    Feasibility study: Realization of a feasibility study of the project, if necessary, to realize a state of the art of the technologies involved, we select the technical options necessary for the realization of the project and set up an action plan for the development of developments with definitions of the necessary milestones.

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    Design: We carry out all the mechanical, electronic and software design necessary for the project, going as far as obtaining a digital twin of the solution.

    Validation: We validate the design sustainability through digital simulation.

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    This is the implementation phase of the project. We produce a functional prototype allowing a first real demonstration of the solution.

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    Industrialization: We rely on feedback from the prototype to correct and finalize the solution.
    Once the technical validation report is validated by the customer, we then carry out the delivery of the product.

Computer aided design

Your project, whether personal or professional, requires a special attention. In order to offer each drone pilot the best experience of their drone, our team of specialists puts their expertise at your service. Through a feasibility study, our team takes into account the needs necessary for the accomplishment of your project. Design, selection, optimization ... The feasibility study of your drone brings you specific recommendations on the drone solution that best suits your needs.


This study will allow you to choose the most appropriate technical options to ensure the success and sustainability of your project. As a recognized specialist in professional drones, DRONE VOLT brings you its knowledge and expertise and produces your prototypes in order to better choose the drone that suits your needs.


The client met us and expressed their need to us.

Payload integration and adaptation for Euro-Pulvé professional UAV.

His need: to have a drone platform capable of carrying his spreading tool and performing automatic spraying missions.
Initial tool: a manual tool carried on the operator's back.

Euro-Pulvé has developed a portable spraying tool allowing an operator to carry out spraying missions on foot with a 3 meters sprayer boom.
The tool represents a mass of 10kg and includes a 5L tank, which brings us to a total mass of 15kg.

We then did a 3D modeling of the different elements and proceed to mechanical simulations to assess the centering and positioning of the different components under the machine. Once the assembly was validated during the simulations, we produced the first prototype.
This prototype was then validated by flight tests and presented to the customer.

Building on this feedback and the exchanges that took place around these first flights, a second version was produced. The customer told us that the handle to release the tank could be removed and that we were free to recenter the tank to simplify the attitude control of the drone during the flight.

Flight tests and project validation

Following the 3D design of the solution, we carry out flight tests in order to validate the concept before presenting it and having it validated with the client.

Technological achievements in pictures

From 3D models to the prototype realization, we carry out entirely the design of UAVs.

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