From image capture to analysis, DRONE VOLT Expert is the most comprehensive
drone service solution on the civil drone market.

Experts at your service in the fields of inspection,
topography and precision farming

Find out more about our Drone Volt Expert department, specialists in drone services.
We offer solutions for inspection (technical, thermal, confined environment), topography (photogrammetry, lidar survey, bathymetry) and precision agriculture using the drones and sensors best suited to each mission.

Rely on our expertise for successful assignments and accurate results.

Inspection by drone

We can help you identify anomalies in infrastructure and carry out high-precision surveys of buildings at altitude, so that you can anticipate the need for action as effectively as possible.

This method provides rapid access to hard-to-reach places, while guaranteeing the safety of those on site.

This method provides rapid access to hard-to-reach places, while guaranteeing the safety of those on site.

  • Technical Inspection
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Inspection in confined spaces
  • Inspection of power lines
Discover our drone inspection services

Topography by drone

Discover our aerial drone surveying service, where we carry out precise, detailed surveys of the terrain and infrastructure.

Benefit from accurate mapping and high-quality digital terrain models for your construction, development or environmental management projects.

Entrust your topography to experts for reliable and efficient results.

  • Point clouds
  • Topographical map
  • Profil en travers
  • Orthomosaïque
  • Rapports de cubatures

Precision farming by drone

Optimise your cultivation practices with precise data on crop health, plot management and treatment planning. Entrust your farming to experts for reliable results and efficient land management.

  • Biocontrol of crops
  • Weed detection
  • Agronomic diagnosis
  • Spraying fields/vines

Drone spraying

Discover our aerial drone spraying service, an innovative solution for cleaning and de-icing structures at height.

Using our drones equipped with precise spraying systems, we efficiently clean roofs, façades, solar panels and wind turbines. What’s more, our drones can safely de-ice power lines and wind turbines, helping to maintain the reliability and safety of your infrastructure.

  • Roof cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
  • Infrastructure cleaning
  • Infrastructure de-icing


Drone Volt Expert has set up a network of drone operators in France and Europe, enabling it to meet the needs of major account customers by providing flexibility and operational responsiveness, as well as relying on trusted local sales contacts.

By using standardised processes, our Ambassadors help to promote the Drone Volt Expert brand.


Formerly known as Air-Marine, Drone Volt Expert is an undisputed player in the field of drone services. Backed by 14 years’ experience, we have developed a mission operating mode based on rigorous aeronautical procedures, ensuring unrivalled precision and safety on every mission.

  • 1-Planification
    – Activation of flight permit requests by our dedicated department.
    – Mission planning by our Operations Director.
  • 2-Preparation of the mission
    – Preparing the flight plan by assessing the constraints and expectations of the customer.
    – Assembling the team as required for optimum reliability.
  • 3-On-site mission
    – Safety briefing with the customer if necessary.
    – Securing the flight perimeter.
    – Check data before sharing with our geomaticians.
  • 4-Data processing
    – Report produced by our in-house geomatics department.
    – Delivery of the report to the customer.
Equipe Drone Volt Expert, activité dédiée à la prestation de service par drone en France.

A team of experts at your service

As France’s leading professional drone manufacturer, the DRONE VOLT teams are fully conversant with the very latest drone and sensor technologies. The service includes drones, appropriate equipment, experienced pilot(s) and flight permits. Depending on the type of mission, our DRONE VOLT EXPERT department is equipped with processing and analysis software.

Our aerial services offer you the assurance of a quality service, expert advice including the study of your project, with execution as quickly as possible and in complete safety.

  • International presence
  • Reactivity thanks to our national and European network
  • Quick to implement
  • Data quality
  • International presence
  • Reactivity thanks to our national and European network
  • Quick to implement
  • Data quality

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