Mini professional 4K UAV


Reinforced nylon carbon structure.

Lightweight & compact

Small UAV, less than 2kg (4.4 lbs) designed to be easily transported.


Flies at speed over 90km/h (55 mph).

Data security

Data encrypted AES 256. No data access and transfer.

Quick deployement

Ready to go UAV. No assembly required.

Automatic missions

Easy to use and intuitive dedicated software.

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Ready to fly

The Hercules 2 does not require any assembly to start its mission. No need to unfold the arms or mount the propellers, it is operational immediately. Its small size (350mmx370mm/13''x15'') makes it extremely compact and easy to transport.

Data security

Our priority is the security and confidentiality of your data.
We guarantee no access or transfer of your data.
The transmission of the Hercules 2 is fully secure and encrypted in AES 256.


With its 4K sensor and its low weight (only 2kg), the Hercules 2 has a great versatility and can accomplish missions in various fields such as Safety, Construction, Inspection, Energy and Defense as well as only in different types of environments (urban, rural, construction sites…)


Its reinforced carbon nylon structure gives the UAV a better rigidity and a high resistance to shocks and able to fly up to 90 km/h (55 mph). It is resistant to winds up to 70 km/h (43 mph) in moderate rain.

4K camera

The Sony RX0 II camera is an ultra compact camera, waterproof, shock and dust resistant, while recording videos in very high quality.
Equipped with a ZEISS® Tessar T * F4 24 mm wide angle lens, it records videos in 30P 4K quality and offers high image clarity and reduced distortion.


Discover our drones in flight during different missions.

Drone Hercules 2 - Power lines inspection



Our DV Control application is designed to provide control and support to pilot and create various types of autonomous missions for industries such as Agriculture, Surveillance, Construction, Inspection.


  • Remote controller for the drone and camera control, and video signal
  • Smartphone application: flight information, GPS position and flight missions.
  • Simplified mission planning: waypoints and photogrammetry


  • No data transfer or record
  • AES 256 encryption*
  • Live data feedback on screen
  • Manual and auto checks

Mode de vol

  • Waypoints
  • Survey – Photogrammetry missions
  • Rally points
  • Follow modes
  • Tap to fly


  • All the flight data are stored.


Whether you are developing your business or starting a new one, our training team would be thrilled to give you pilot training in our DRONE VOLT ACADEMY.
  • Success rate for the remote pilot certificate
  • 1200 drone pilots trained in our training centers
  • 10 training centers worldwide
  • Nice and well-equipped training rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor training centers

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