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A revolutionary indoor inspection drone

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24 min flight time

Long flight time for mission performance

A collision-proof protective cage

360° Protection

Advanced anti-collision system

Excellent stabilization and handling

Live broadcasting

HD video return even in narrow environments

Powerful LEDs

10000 Lumens for 180° lighting

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The professional drone for
inspection in confined environments

The Asio drone from Flybotix is a mini indoor inspection drone, capable of operating in extremely confined environments. Its small size allows you to explore the smallest places while reducing inspection costs. It has a live video feed display: video return and recording.

The drone can reach 24 minutes of flight time for an increased efficiency of the inspection missions and consequently a better profitability.

Reliable System

Commonly used quadrotor propulsion systems are easy to build but have no redundancy. In the event that an obstacle, such as a suspended tube or cable, penetrates the protective cage and damages a propeller, the drone loses control and crashes with tremendous damage. The Flybotix Asio UAV's coaxial rotor technology provides redundancy in the control and propulsion systems, allowing it to land safely in the event of an incident.

In addition, Flybotix' patented propulsion system is built around two large coaxial and tiltable propellers. This unique configuration, combining the simplicity of multi-rotors and the efficiency of helicopters, is used for the first time on an indoor inspection drone and allows ASIO to outperform the competition on the three most important specifications: extended flight time, reduced noise level and redundancy.


Powerful algorithms

In indoor, industrial and confined environments, GPS signals are at best inaccurate, but more often completely obstructed by structures and therefore useless. ASIO embeds more than a dozen sensors to measure its attitude and position 8000 times per second, making it perfectly stable even in the most complex situations.

Flybotix has integrated advanced flight control algorithms on board ASIO, making it easy to fly out of your field of vision in minutes. You can also disable the assistance easily from the remote control.

Scanning surfaces smoothly, at a constant distance and at a defined angle is essential to finding defects and ensuring the shortest possible inspection mission time. To simplify your inspector's life, Flybotix has developed a wall-locking algorithm, which keeps the distance to the wall and the attitude of the ASIO constant, allowing your pilot to adjust the horizontal speed with a single joystick. In addition, the Rewind algorithm has been implemented, allowing ASIO to follow its trajectory backwards autonomously! And once back at its take-off point, simply press the automatic landing button and ASIO will land smoothly.

Determined to ensure the safety of your ASIO and your workers, Flybotix has implemented three key algorithms:
• Obstacle repulsion simulates an invisible sphere surrounding ASIO and continuously analyzes its environment, automatically preventing collisions.
• Safety slowdown ensures that ASIO can stop before hitting an obstacle, even if you missed it and were flying full speed.
•Self-righting makes it oscillate to get it back on its feet in case ASIO is upside down, ready to continue its mission!

Advanced camera system

The ASIO will be the remote eyes of your inspectors, which is why we selected the best camera sensor in its class. Produced by Sony, with 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels), it allows you to spot the smallest details in true color and capture 12 megapixel images directly during the flight, so you'll never miss a defect again!
Some defects are invisible to the human eye, but their detection is essential to ensure asset integrity. That's why Flybotix has added an infrared sensor from FLIR, the world leader in thermal cameras. It will be easy for you to identify cold or hot spots on your equipment, allowing your employees to perform preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns and thus reduce your operational costs.

You've reached the area you need to inspect, but the point of interest is above or below the camera's field of view? The camera's sensors are mounted on a ±90° vertical gimbal system on the front of ASIO to ensure that no area remains out of sight.

To make sure your pilots don't miss anything during their inspection missions, we stream the high-definition image from the 4K camera directly to the remote control. And to get into the details after the flight, everything is stored on board in full definition on a high-speed micro SD card. You can count on ASIO to track and store everything securely during your flight.


A collision-proof protective cage

When you fly in confined environments, and even more so when you are out of sight, the risk of hitting surfaces is high. To keep your pilots safe and able to operate from a distance, the ASIO must be collision resistant. The design of the protective cage protects the propellers from any interference with the environment or the cage itself, ensuring the highest level of safety for your drone, your assets and of course your crews.

In any drone inspection mission, every minute of flight reduces your costs - and keeps your teams safe. And because every gram counts, Flybotix has put so much effort into optimizing the ASIO cage by developing an innovative and patented design to keep its weight under 100g (3.5oz), while ensuring its excellent protection capabilities.

Ultimately, Flybotix combined the protective and cushioning characteristics of an advanced polymer composite used in the automotive industry with the rigidity of defense-grade ropes. The combination of these two materials provides optimal mechanical crashworthiness for the ASIO.
We designed it to be quick, easy and inexpensive to replace, to ensure the highest rate of ASIO availability under any circumstances. You will be back in the air in less than five minutes!

Powerful LEDs

Areas to be inspected in industrial environments are often in darkness, and in such a situation, the best camera sensor is useless without proper lighting. We've implemented over 100 LEDs to provide 10,000 lumens of light output, making the darkest places as bright as day - and their placement prevents dust kicked up by the drone from interfering with the camera.

Reduced noise level

On some missions, such as inspecting large tanks, the pilot will be in the same area as the drone and therefore affected by its noise - which will even be amplified by the confined environment and metal structures. The Flybotix Asio inspection drone is equipped with larger propellers, their rotation speed is much lower than that of quadrotor systems and the noise level generated is only 80dB at 1m, thus improving pilot comfort and safety.


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