ad Training centers for drone pilots from beginners to professional

The objective of our expert trainers: go quickly to your technical operational imaging tasks (construction, security, inspection of industrial sites …) or your artistic shots (films, reports, documentaries …)

Our Training Centers


Theory and practice modules : All our courses include theoretical and practical studies and the study of new “regulations”. Training takes place around the « scenarios » S1, S2, S3 and S4. You get to fly a drone and perform various maneuvers.

Starters training
Drone pilot initiation training
Advanced training and initiation to the ULM theoretical license

Our dedicated infrastructures

Indoor & Outdoor Flight Center

Our courses take place in our DRONE VOLT indoor and outdoor center. Next to Paris, the DRONE VOLT ACADEMY training center welcomes you in a dedicated space for the theoretical part and the indoor practice on his flying area fully covered 800 m2. Then, the flight training in real conditions outdoors (weather permitting) on a special area.

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