Inspection UAV for confined spaces

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Flight cage – Honeycomb structure

Shock proof

Optical flow

Automatic altitude and stabilization

3D modeling

3D modeling from 4K timelapse pictures

Powerful LEDs

LEDs 3000 Lumens for 180° lighting

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The professional drone for
confined spaces inspection

The Inspector v2 drone is a mini indoor inspection UAV able to operate in extremely confined environments.
Its small size allows you to explore the smallest places while reducing inspection costs. It has a live video feedback and recording.

Powerful LEDs

Backlight: day or night flights thanks to powerful orientable LEDs with a 180 ° vision.

Optical flow

The ``optical flow`` system allows the drone to stay 50cm from the ground and to stabilize (hover) automatically.

3D modeling

The 4K camera in ``timelapse`` mode allows you to take photos at regular intervals in order to perform 3D modeling using any photogrammetry software.
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