Hercules 5

The Hercules 5 can lift up to 13 pounds (6kg) during take-off.

  • Frame

    The 100% carbon frame and anodized aluminum fasteners make the Hercules 5 ultra-shock-resistant.

  • Foldable arms

    The Hercules 5 is equipped with a system of 4 foldable arms which can be securely locked.

  • Winglet propellers

    The Hercules 5 uses Winglet propellers made of carbon fiber which makes them particularly strong and lightweight. Their curved tips limit the creation of vortices, and improves both the efficiency and the positioning of the drone. Furthermore, they reduce the noise as compared to standard propellers. The integrated folding mechanism allows an easier transport and storage in transport cases

  • Motors

    The structure of the 4 motors used on the Hercules 5 includes openings that allows greater cooling during their rotation. Each motor can lift up to 3.3 lbs of weight (1.5kg)

  • Landing gear

    The carbon landing gear is completely removable for easier storage and transportation.

  • DV CORE Flight controller

    The DV CORE flight controller uses a state-of--the-art microcontroller and is entirely programmable and customizable.

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