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Teaching method : intern, in a first stage, studies all the theoretical parts necessary for piloting, and framing within the legal framework of this tool (drone) in full expansion. This theoretical training is accompanied (4 half-days) by parts dedicated to the Actual flight.
DRONE VOLT is a certified training company (n°11 93 07 122 93). Your training can be fund by any OPCA companies as well as Pôle Emploi..

Training – 5 days
Group of 6 persons maximum
2 200€ Excl. VAT

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Training content

Theoretical training (6 half days)

  • The functionality of DJI autopilots and their programming.
  • The base station and its programming.
  • Study of the different types of frame and their advantages / disadvantages.
  • Study of the assembly of all the elements constituting a drone system
  • Lithium Polymer batteries. Advantages and dangers. Charger Programming
  • Method of selection of motors, ESC, chassis and nacelles.
  • The Legislation of Aircraft Controlled in France. The documents of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (MAP and DNC). The DGAC scenarios.
  • Assistance in the development of the MAP
  • Study and assistance with the preparation of administrative documents
  • Safety and responsibilities of the drone pilot.
  • Aerology and weather concepts related to drones.
  • Use of radio frequencies on drones. How it works and legislation.
  • The different antennas and their advantages.
  • Video transmission and OSD (On Screen Display).
  • Introduction to photogrammetry
  • The fundamental notions of framing by drone
  • Check-list pre-flight.
  • Check-list post-flight.
  • Flights on simulator.


At the end of this training period, the pupil must be able to pilot a drone and perform the maneuvers described in the DGAC’s decree of 12 April 2012 on the piloting of unmanned aircraft in France ( See Appendices below)

One more of these piloting capabilities the trainee will be able to produce images Aerial photography (films and photos) of good quality thanks to the notions of framing brought and will also be able to carry out missions of photographs for the purposes of photogrammetry

Support provided to interns : the powerpoint presentation of all the training is provided to the trainees. Examples of all DGAC official documents are provided and explained.
Full drones are provided to interns

Technical means : Projection of slides on Ultra large and HD screen, flight simulators, UAV systems, cameras / cameras

Assessment methods at the end of the course : At the end of the course, the trainees are able to perform the maneuvers described in the appendices of this document before the trainer/evaluator.
An evaluation of the training will be carried out by the interns

Appendices : Maneuvers described in the decree of 12 April 2012 of the DGAC

  1. A take-off followed by 10 seconds of stationary, at the height of the eyes of the evaluators
  2. Slow forward movement with heading changes
  3. Fast translation with heading changes
  4. A left turn at a distance of less than 20 meters in height and with a low inclination (about 30 °), in front of the evaluators
  5. A right turn at a distance of less than 20 meters in height and with a low inclination (about 30 °), in front of the evaluators
  6. A rectangular circuit in forward translation against QFU, with the first turn opposite to the evaluators
  7. A precision landing in an area indicated by evaluators, preceded by a rectangular circuit in forward translation, with a first turn opposite to the evaluators.


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