DRONE VOLT offers a theoretical and practical training for the Heliplane VTOL drone.

This training is intended for clients or future clients wishing to implement a vertical take-off aircraft drone ``by DRONE VOLT``. The Heliplane training takes place over a 10 days.

At the end of this training, we will give you a training certificate.

Training price
10 days

Training content

Our training can be given in French, English and Spanish.
  1. Half day n ° 1
    Reception, presentation – Unpacking of the HELIPLANE pack – Your drone: storage of each part in the transport case, and unpacking of the ancillary elements – Control of the content of the pack, any options, and ancillary elements. Mounting of drone, landing gear, batteries and propellers
  2. Half day n ° 2
    Progress and discovery flights on a small Phantom 4 style drone – Progress and discovery flights on a more massive Inspire 1 style drone
  3. Half day n ° 3
    General knowledge of aircraft operating without anyone on board – Futaba T14 SG radio: use of sticks and buttons. Basics of radio programming. (Flight modes, switches and LEDs) – Ground tests of the camera system – Theoretical view of starting the drone (precautions, gestures, diodes …) – The “check lists”, pre flight and post flight visits
  4. Half day n ° 4
    Flights with the HELIPLANE in dual control with an instructor – Training: takeoffs and landings – Transition between flight modes (fixed wing / multi rotor) First maneuvers: circles and figures in “eight”.
  5. Half day n ° 5
    The Theory on lithium polymer batteries: Shapes, types, sizes, dangers, air transport – Charging the batteries with the supplied charger – Installing the batteries in the drone and their attachments.
  6. Half day n ° 6
    Dual control training flights with the camera in real conditions on our flight field.
  7. Half day n ° 7
    Approach to the ground station flight control software: mission planner – Connections, telemetry – Compass calibration – Explanations of the main chapters of mission planner – What can be modified – What should not be modified – What we can do with mission planner
  8. Half day n ° 8
    Solo training flights if the trainer deems the trainee capable. Creation and implementation of a mission in the software – Flight time management
  9. Half day n ° 9
    Study of the guide: Aircraft circulating without anyone on board – Specific activities
  10. Half day n ° 10
    Near and long distance solo training flights – Piloting techniques specific to fixed wings
  11. Half day n ° 11
    Verification of prior learning – Airspace classes – reading of aeronautical charts – control tower protocols – preparation of a mission
  12. Half day n ° 12
    Training flight – acquisition and tracking of a target
  13. Half day n ° 13
    Theory on the use of the camera DAY TIME / IR – general notions on the use of a camera and a camera – ISO sensitivity, focal aperture, shutter speed, white balance – know how to make the most of your equipment – data export – different formats
  14. Half day n ° 14
    Training flight in dual control of an airplane or a flying wing in manual mode – acquisition of reflexes
  15. Half day n ° 15
    General maintenance and complete check of the Heliplane – good condition of the propellers, the leading and trailing edge of the wing – checking of the hardware – checking of the engines – fixing of the landing gear – checking of the battery connections – auto firmware pilot – Calibration of the magnetometer
  16. Half day n ° 16
    Training flight
  17. Half day n ° 17
    Theory on flight mechanics – axes of pitch, roll and yaw – level flight – centering – lift in stabilized flight and in turn
  18. Half day n ° 18
    Training flights on all drones used during training – piloting an airplane and / or a flying wing in manual mode – wind management – runway lap and landing
  19. Half day n ° 19
    Theoretical knowledge test
  20. Half day n ° 20
    Training flight – practical examination – compulsory figures and missions – issuance of the certificate of piloting capacity for the Heliplane

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