Drone Spray© Hornet by DRONE VOLT

Faced with the continuing invasion of the Asian hornet, Drone Volt in partnership with LGF (Landes Company expert in the destruction and control of heminoptères) has developed a drone with spray system designed to locate and destroy the nests of Asian hornets.

The threat of asian hornets

These pests are present over 2/3 of the French territory. The presence of the Asian hornet therefore creates an imbalance to the ecosystem as it represents a threat to bees which are the major part of hornets’ diet. Thus, the bees no longer fulfill their role as pollinators.

Repartition over french territoty for the Vespa velutina species


A revolutionnary system

Coming from the latest generation of flying platforms, drone hornet is equipped with a robust and light system in carbon fiber, an improved stabilisation (50% less vibration), a better autonomy of 20 minutes and a HD video return of the target for a more precise flight.

More security, precision and economy

Thanks to the latest technology improvements, the drone spray hornet range of action is therefore very safe. Until now, interventions at heights, for instance above 30ft were achieved using a pole or a ladder, to reach the top of trees or roofs.

Quick setting up

Drone Spray Hornet is ready to use. Preparation takes 10 minutes.

With its HD camera you can get closer to the nest and thus make a quick visual.

The mission can be carried out in 5 minutes.

Depending on the nest’s position you’ll be able to tilt the stream for an optimal spraying.

The landing cushions with fast unlocking as well as bigger support allow the drone to take off and land on any type of terrain.

A solution aligned with the current legislation

Drone Spray Hornet by Drone Volt can be probated and thus fly in cities. It is delivered with its MAP and S3 approval.

Advanced emergency security system

LDrone spray hornet is equipped with a parachute wich is aimed at slowing down in case of emergency. It deploys within 15ft of fall and is effective at an altitude of 45ft. The reusable conception weighs 320 grams.

It is activated by an independent remote control with lock in switch.

On board camera

Drone spray hornet is fitted with a GoPro 4 Black Edition camera for a HD return video.

Waterproof travel case- Pelicase

Drone Hornet is delivered with its custom made travel case with protective foam


  • Quadcopter 650mm
  • Weight : 3150 curb weight (including battery and parachute)
  • Charge capacity : spray can up to
  • Parachute for S3


Compatible with the Guidance module, an obstacle detection system 360 (sold separately) DJI revolutionary sensor that allows your platform “see” its environment, recognize obstacles and objects nearby within 20m. This opens the door to a long-awaited feature: collision avoidance even at very high speed. separately available system on our website.






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