ico-tournageDrone Volt offers to professional a wide choice of solutions to enrich your aerial shots.
From the best stabilizers to the most efficient flying platforms, you will have the greatest products for the film industry to achieve incredible images.

Choosing a drone will greatly reduce your production costs and will be a great time saver. Ready to fly in less than thirty minutes, the cost of a drone remains about ten times lower than that a helicopter. With greater focus on freedom of movement and proximity to the subject or scene filmed, drones provide unprecedented movements, stable and smooth for an exceptional result.

Broadcast – Cinema


Red Epic, Phantom Miro M320, Black Magic, GH4 Lumix, Canon 5D

ico-securiteAcademy & security

8 engines provide optimal stability and maximum safety

ico-camera-indepIndependant camera

Flown independently from the drone by a cameraman (real-time live video on multiple monitors or large screen)


Foldable drone takes less space during transport

Electronic Stabilizers

For the cinematography industry specialits, our electronic stabilizers ensure an excellent stability and you will achieve exceptional shots in the most demanding conditions.

Ronin ronin dji

  • Support 3-axis stabilized camera
  • Supports any type of camera 5D to the Red Epic
  • Quick set up and balancing (5 min)
ronin dji

Ronin MXlogo dji

  • Compact and lighter than the Ronin
  • Able to carry the Red Epic
  • Easy disassembly and transportation
  • Easily taken on board
ronin m dji

MÖVI 15 logo freefly

  • Large carrying capacity
  • Light
  • Best technology sensors
  • Single/Dual operator mode
movi 15 freefly

MÖVI 10logo freefly

  • Very light with a weight of 1.3kg
  • Carrying cameras such as Red Epic, Canon C300, Canon 5D, Nikon D800, the Blackmagic
  • Single/Dual operator mode
movi 10 freefly

Flying Platforms

Our flying platforms are designed for professional use and to create great images. They have a stabilization system performance gimbal indispensable for achieving precise and sharp images. There is a wide range of ready to fly drones operational for any type of locations in or outside urban areas.

JANUS 360drone volt logo

  • Double stabilise heads
  • S1, S2, S3 approved
  • Capture a scene view in full 360°

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Inspire 1 RAWlogo dji

  • Compact and ready to fly
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Able to shoot 4K raw video
  • Can fly in urban zones
drone inspire 1 dji

Alta logo freefly

  •  Carrying capacity up to 6,8kg
  • Lightweight aircraft
  • Optimized for use with the MôVi
  • Anti-vibrating system
  • Quiet
drone alta freefly

M600 logo dji

  • Payload capacity of 6kg
  • Compatible with many cameras : Red, Back Magic, GH4, 5D, Alpha 7S
  • Allow to support Ronin MX which can board all types of cameras not including zenmuse
drone s1000 dji






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