Training content

Theoretical training (1/2 day)

  • Details of the legislation related to professional use of civil UAV (Learn to legally and safely fly in France)
  • How to make software and hardware updates
  • Shooting features
  • Camera features
  • Manual flight features
  • Automatic features (Takeoff, Landing, gimbal orientation, batteries, back home, etc …)
  • Indoor flight features: how the ultra sound sensors, in what context is it possible to use them and what are their limits, how the indoor positioning camera, what its limitations are, etc …
  • Flight simulator demonstration of Inspire 1
  • Solo and dual mode

Practical Training (1/2 day)

Flights in real conditions on drones supplied by Drone Volt in our indoor and outdoor centers. Each participant will have a drone supplied by Drone Volt and equipped with an onboard camera.

  • Details on your drone and flight preparation.
  • Checklist flight and calibration.
  • Camera settings and Gimbal mode.
  • Takeoff and flight details of the application.
  • Phase location and details of the gimbal and camera in flight.
  • Test different settings and camera gimbal.
  • GPS Mode – ATTI explanations.
  • Solo and Duo modes details.
  • Questions-answers report.

Training price

In Group (5 people)
649,00€ TTC

Private training
1200,00€ TTC

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