Drone Volt: the French leader in civil drones

With its technical expertise and experience, Drone Volt, located in France and abroad (Denmark (Copenhagen), Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and the USA), specializes in the manufacture, assembly, distribution and sales of professional drones since its creation in 2011. Drone Volt offers over 1000 products, both online and in our showroom, and training, with its two indoor flight rooms in Paris Nord 2.

Drone Volt provides overall solutions for the professional industries. Whether you are searching for a pilot, training to become one, repair or maintenance for your drone, or even undertaking administrative actions, Drone Volt will guide and assist you along the way to ensure your business is successful.

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Dronevolt at the CES 2017

Dronevolt introduces a new range of professional drones at the CES

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From crop surveying to maintenance of your farm, choose an optimal solution to complete your tasks more efficiently.

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